Economy only works with trust. White-collar crime abuses this trust. People and businesses seek illicit advantages to the detriment of their employers, customers, competitors and the wider economy. Therefore, from our point of view: Having trust in the information and documents of future business partners, executives or investors is good and necessary, but it is better to be safe when making important decisions apart from externally conducted due diligence checks or personality tests. We examine and put future or existing partners and stakeholders through their paces through the following investigation methodes.

  • Credit examination and background checks
  • Open source intelligence and information gathering
  • Reference checks and environmental surveys
  • Investigative interview support for applications
  • Investigations and surveillance on site
  • Detection of white-collar crime and money laundering

Utmost discretion and confidentiality have top priority. Our services provide you with information that enables you to make well-founded decisions. You don't waste time with steam chatter, fakers or even scammers. Your business grows without wasting time, money and resources. Details gladly in a discussion.