Project scope

We understand our offers in the search for business partners and executives including all accompanying and project-related consultations, legal information, contract documents, activity reports, travel expenses, travel times, expenses and diets, appointments coordination of the interested parties and fees of other service providers. We accompany all discussions until a successful conclusion. We offer an additional advice and contact point for confidential votes having a neutral position in negotiations.


All proposed prospects must be suitable for the future customers, employees, colleagues and owners of the client and for the requirements of the target market. We present only interested parties who feel headwind as a boost and remain loyal even in difficult situations. Their successful activities may pose a challenge to existing processes and structures at the client. We also consider this in the selection of the interested parties and therefore attach great importance to a common and personal profiling.


We acquire interested parties from various sources. The main part is based on contacts and recommendations from our own networks. We employ cooperation partners in many countries and sectors. In addition, we are active in many social media, blogs and subject-specific forums, without mentioning the name of the client. We also contact possible companies and interested parties mentioned by clients in a discreet manner.

Ability to cooperate

We do not want to convince anyone and are very good at exploring the ability to cooperate, the current contractual situation of the interested party and the legal situation in each country. All interested parties are addressed directly and personally interviewed. The potential for success is interpreted in particular according to the requirements criteria developed in the profile design. Presentations of the core data are made through appropriate profiles plus personal impressions of the interested parties way of working.

Risk minimization (optional)

In all business activities, under increased competitive conditions, it is increasingly important to minimize risks. On request and optionally, we provide a stable and comprehensive information base as a basis for your decisions. We scrutinize information from open records and provide a holistic view of those interested. Upon request, we also consider special conditions and possible dependencies for executives and joint ventures. Our work is very discreet and is offered separately in a personal meeting.