We are happy to participate in promising, young and mainly manufacturing companies. We prefer the "work for equity" principle here by converting parts of our services into shares. We see our commitment in this area as a classic win-win situation. Above all, we want to ensure that young companies can also come to professional partnerships and professionals.


We want to encourage as many people as possible to become independent. Courage to believe in something, to hold onto goals - and to achieve them. We believe in your ideas and support you. We help you to realize your dream of founding a company for your own business with advice in the planning phase, with funding and funding and with the search for the right partnerships, multipliers and joint ventures.


+++ Porto Cana - a gin with hemp flavor. A gin made in Austria with an unexpected taste. Has enjoyed regional popularity for years and wants to be known beyond the borders. We are looking for wholesaler, distributors and online stores in the European and Russian region.


+++ Organically produced products from hemp are now an integral part of the range in cosmetics and personal care. We produce NATRUE certified cosmetics and care products regionally in Austria and are looking for distributors and online stores in Europe and Russia.


+++ One of our customers is a provider of consulting and engineering solutions for process automation. His team with many years of experience delivers projects all over the world and offers services for all aspects of PLS and PLC systems. Its core business is to offer process automation services with functional security solutions.